Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

A few weeks ago, I turned in my Facebook key and deleted my account. I realized that I really didn't enjoy it that much. It's kind of like subscribing to a magazine and realizing after a few issues that you don't really like it. You only read it each month because you paid for it and you can't return it. Eventually you unsubscribe. I won't say that I'll never have a Facebook page again but for now I'm one of the few people you know who does not Facebook. And I'm ok with that.

I do however like to write and share and spend time online. I've tried blogging in the past but didn't keep up with it. I'm hoping to change that. I've started three blogs with three completely different topics. You can find the links to my other blogs on the sidebar. This blog you are reading is my general blog where I will post about a variety of things; my family, kids, and everyday life. And yes there will be a bit of scrapbooking thrown in as well as lots of pictures. Awhile back, someone asked my husband what I do, meaning what I do for a living. He answered "Julie?, she scrapbooks." He was being snarky. My dear husband does not get my hobby. He says it's lost him. But that's ok. He doesn't really mind all the time and money I spend on it. He just likes to give me a hard time. So that is where the title of this blog comes from.

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